Our experienced team is trusted by international companies and business people to give professional insight they can depend on.

The all-encompassing service provided by Titus begins with a comprehensive understanding business and a global network of contacts who are experts in their fields.

Whatever stage of the business journey you are at, we will find the perfect professional to assist, whether you need Trust, Legal, CSP or Banking services, anywhere in the world.

Titus is here to facilitate jurisdiction relocations – for business, individuals and families – as well as sourcing and brokering the sale and purchase of high-value assets including private jets, superyachts, rare cars, luxury homes, and fine art.

If you are considering the sale or purchase of a company, Titus will locate business for sale or those interested in acquisition. We then take care of negotiations, calling in expert professional services where needed from our international network.

We understand the entrepreneurial spirit and act as an introducer to those behind developing digital technology, finance and industry so you can be part of the next big thing.

"A global network...who are experts in their fields"

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Company number – C13206921 | Privacy Policy
Company number – C13206921 | Privacy Policy
35 Berkeley Square | London | W1J 5BF 
Company number – C13206921 | Privacy Policy